December 2023

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Nikon D7100; Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR


Always, an image of people is a study of the interaction of place and movement--suffused with the interaction of emotion and roles. The two women on the left arrived with the one on the far right. It was a street event in front of a participating restaurant (Mooney's) on Market Street in Corning, NY. The two on the right connected immediately, and possibilities emerged. The focal person on the right was a server--and had to meet many roles.

The central enigma concerns a woman sitting at a table just inside the restaurant, who observed me watching with my gear and as I rose for the image, she lifted a magazine to conceal her image. Truly a HCB synchronicity... :cool:

Secret Squirrel Society Note: This image is from my archives, and captured years ago. It has languished unobserved until now. This is a synthesis between cumulative vision and contemporary interpretive expression... :unsure:
Oh my...

This is just a wonderful portrait. It evokes the classic portrait style, and the use of the downlight and top backlight brings you out in this. It is a soulful image and the kind that people once cared about when they documented their lives... :unsure:
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