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Feb 10, 2023
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In response to several suggestions I have received about the forum list page display, there have been changes made to make mobile and tablet navigation easier by default.

Previously, all of the forum boards on the main list were in a "Grid" format. While attractive, on things smaller than a desktop or laptop might take up a lot more scrolling space.

The list default is now set to "Flat", which lists the boards in a manner familiar to many forums. If you would like to make the grid display your default, click on the |Customize| palette icon as shown:

customize in header UCP.png

There you will find the options shown below:

background picker.png

As shown by the #2 arrow, click the "Grid Layout" toggle. Then click |Save|. This will change the display back to a grid display.

Note also there is an opportunity to set screen |Fluid Width|, which will extend the page width of FotoFora to nearly full screen. This makes images appearing in the forums, galleries, and albums appear a bit larger in native viewing.

Enjoy! 🧙‍♂️

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