Yashica MAT 124G (and its auxiliary lenses) Review

Great article, I had my eyes on a TLR for quite a while now. Right now, I'm undecided between the Yashica Mat and the Minolta Autocord. Other than the Roleii, both of these cameras were at the top of the heap when these cameras were in style. Like you, I purchased a Mamiya 645 and after several iterations I finally found one(645 1000s) in very good condition. Throughout the years, I began accumulating lenses and accessories for it, to where I think I own about 8 lenses for it now. You can't go wrong with Mamiya lenses ! I even have a waist level viewfinder which sort of mimics the functionality of the TLR's, but not exactly. I doubt if I will sell my Mamiya 645, but I would still like to own a TLR one day. This article just wets my appetite. Now I'm back trying to make the difficult decision between the Yashica and the Minolta ?
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