Why is it that when Kodak Alaris and Lomography have lowered the prices of many of their poular 120 films, this news is unreported?

Kodak Film Price Drop​

When Kodak announced an increase in film prices of up to 25% the internet overflowed with articles about „the next“ big price increase. Social media and popular internet platforms and forums worked overtime on this story. This is understandable that no one likes to pay more, especially in critical times when we all have to tighten our belts.

So why is it that when Kodak Alaris and Lomography have lowered the price of roll film across the board, this news is unreported? This film price drop should be a reason to cheer. Perhaps this is proof that negative news makes headlines.


SilvergrainClassics contacted Kodak Alaris to find out firsthand. It seems that that the price reduction for 120 film was due to a change in the market. Energy prices have stabilized and previous price increases resulted in additional 35mm film use over 120 film. As a result, the price reduction is limited to 120 film.
Retail film prices are determined by the distributors, and the exact reduction that is passed on to customers is determined by the distributor in each market.


We contacted Nordfoto who is a large German distributor. Nordfoto is supplied directly by Kodak and they distribute the films to all resellers in the German market. A Nordfoto spokesperson told us that they have reduced the price of all Kodak 120 films. The list price of Kodak Gold has seen a 25% price reduction when purchased through their online store for example.

This link proves the point:



This demonstrates that at least some distributors are passing on price reductions.
However, the price of 35mm film has not changed. This is because this format is still experiencing high demand as production is limited by a well-reported manufacturing bottleneck.


Even if this story does not benefit the social media algorithms, the price drop in 120 film is certainly a positive development. This makes shooting with medium-format cameras a more affordable option. Kodak Gold has seen the largest price drop and our experience with this stock has resulted in really professional results. Other Kodak and Lomography film stocks including Ektachrome have also seen price reductions.
While many of us would have preferred to see a film price drop across the board, a drop in 120 film prices is a undoubtedly a positive development for the analogue community.


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